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pls say “the autopsy was updated. rest in fucking pieces, wright.” in your edgeworth voice.


You’re fucking done, Wright.

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one day i’ll be awake while tryph is awake

i have a flonne & etna to rp w/ my laharl 
dreams do com tru

photoshop my not-friend

laughs as i remake myh laharl rp blog

[7:31:18 PM] Petta ★: [petta voice] was your father a book once; i dont think so.
[7:31:34 PM] im tyler: [ laharl voice ] no, because mY DAD IS DEAD


Hello, if you are ever sad, just look up and picture Naruto telling you to believe in yourself.. Because you are strong, live on and dream big.


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ᕙ( ͡ಠ ͜ʖಠ)ᕗ

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